TESTIMONIALS coming soon ... after beta testing is complete and sales are made *wink*

Levels of Playe

Sample our first quest, The Lost Scrolls of Sapientiae for FREE
Your multistage experience is customizable to ensure you participate in a way that fits your druthers and lifestyle. We offer two categories, each with varying levels of intensity. INDIOS are solo questers. CADORS are those who join a Cadrix (group) to quest together, whether online or in person, all at once, or in stages. 
  • Indio Essentialist - This is a no frills, bare bones, quick & dirty approach to the crusade. Cost: $9.99 
  • Berserker - For all-in adventurer Indios or Cadors, this level is like having a fast pass, with a bevy of creature comforts and your own personal guide taking care of the details so you can enjoy yourself. It also involves simple (and hopefully fun) physical activities. Example: you might be asked to make a cup of tea using tea leaves, then submit a photo of the leftover leaves for divination. All such activity earns Plunder ducats (that can be cashed in for swag.) This experience is a treat to all of the senses, not just sight. Includes the option of text communication with your quest leader. Cost: $24.95  
  • Cadrix QuestFest - We will send you everything you need to to turn your quest into a party with tangible props, clues, menus suggestions, games, music, and so on. Cost generally ranges from $99-$199 (including shipping). Email Quests@omniocademy.com for details