Now Questing

Upcoming quests include:
  • MAY DAY! FAE DAY! - It's the biggest day of the year in the realm of faerie, and Queene Titania is missing. Help find her and save the realm from war!
  • AXE OF PIRACY - Take to the seventy-seven seas in this swashbuckling adventure.
  • SUPERNATURALS - Go beyond the veil to bring a wayward being back to the land of the living.
  • ELEMENTAL RELICS - Travel to ancient civilizations in search of lost artifacts.
  • JALILUUM - Help save omniversally loved (and obscure) holidays before they vanish from memory and existence.

While we've received a number of requests for our inaugural quest, SOPHIA & THE LOST SCROLL OF SAPIENTIAE, questers will have to wait until next Leap Year, as it is a specialty activity, created in honor of Saliolum.