TESTIMONIALS coming soon ... after our first batch of questers completes their task ... and live to tell about it ...

Now Questing

Beginning February 2020, quests will be available mid-season kicking off with our inaugural 90-minute offering, Sophia & the Last Scroll of Sapientiae. Additional quests include:
  • May 2020: MAY DAY! FAE DAY! - Titania the Queene of the Faeries has been kidnapped. Help find her and save the realm from war!
  • August 2020: AXE OF PIRACY - Take to the seventy-seven seas in this swashbuckling adventure.
  • November 2020: SUPERNATURALS - Go beyond the veil to bring a wayward being back to the land of the living.
  • February 2020: ELEMENTAL RELICS - Travel to ancient civilizations in search of lost artifacts.
  • May 2021: JALILUUM - Help save omniversally loved (and obscure) holidays before they vanish from memory and existence.