"I am inspired by your outrageously clever ideas. The layers you create astound me. Today’s sold-out [Saliolum Quest] event just proves there’s a need in people’s lives for nonsensical fun." ~Cheryl T. ... "I thought it was fun and educational. I think it would be perfect for schools or homeschoolers. The whole quest taught me a lot about other countries in an exciting way." ~Abby B. regarding SOPHIA & THE LOST SCROLL ...

Types of Playe

Your multistage experience is customizable to ensure you participate in a way that fits your druthers and lifestyle. Quest alone or in a group, online or in person.
  • INDIO - For those who do best flying solo
  • CADRIX - For those (like Cerberus) who find multiple heads to be better than one
  • QuestFest - Turn your quest into a party with tangible props, clues, menus suggestions, games, music, and so on